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V I D E O G R A P H Y  |  P H O T O G R A P H Y

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Hi there! I'm Shinn Kawasaki, founder of Twenty One Visuals a Hong Kong based video production company.

Here at 21 Visuals, we understand that the process of making videos can be intimidating and stressful to think about.

Our mission is to make the process of producing videos a fun and pain free experience. We prioritise relationship and developing a good understanding of your teams needs and values in order to give you the confidence to go about making videos that capture the attention of the audience you wish to serve.

Cut through the digital noise with VIDEO. It's the most effective way to communicate and reach your target audience with a focused message.

Whether you want to share a story, explain what you do, teach, sell or just let people know that you're around, VIDEO is one way to build credibility and trust.

To GET STARTED please get in touch below or email if you have any questions.

A little more about Shinn:
- Born and raised in Hong Kong
- Graduated from Oxford Brookes University (2009)
- Supports Tottenham Hotspur
- Can often be spotted surfing at Big Wave Bay
- Sometimes appears in commercials












#1 SCOPE - Let's figure out what you're trying to achieve and how we can be help. Hopefully at this point you'll have an idea of the type of video you want to create. We'll be here to work with you on the best possible solution to deliver on your project needs.

#2 PLAN - Once the scope of work, timeline and budget have been agreed, we can then move towards developing a plan for your shoot.  At this stage, we will be coordinating with your team to finalise the video concept and shoot logistics.

#3 SHOOT - Once all planning is approved, we can then proceed with shooting as planned.

#4 EDIT (Post Production) - Once we finish shooting it's over to the editing team where footage will be transferred, organised in preparation for the edit.  This stage takes 12-15 working days from the last day of shooting (unless otherwise previously agreed prior to project).

Once you receive your first cut, we will work with you through upto 3 rounds of adjustments to refine your video to be exactly the way you want it to be.
Usually by the 3rd round, your final video will be perfected and ready to go!



Have a ton of raw footage you don't know what to do with? Perhaps a bunch of video messages from different people you wish to make into a professionally polished and watchable video? Maybe we can help :)



Custom Portrait Packages - We also partner with the best local photographers to deliver a variety of photography solutions. Corporate headshots, Family Portrait Sessions or Personal Lifestyle portrait packages.

Product Photography - Whether it's high-end jewellery, clothes, food and drinks or toys, we're here to make it stand out.

Studio Sesh w/ Ange & Tim
Corporate Headshots 2
HK Sports Clinic
Corporate Headshots 1
M. Lifestyle Portrait
Birthday Bash
Little Nicky
Urban Lifestyle
The Academy Ball 2015
Corporate Headshots 3
Kev @ SurfWorkTravel

"Capturing the moments of today that will wow your heart tomorrow"


"This is perfect as it is! Well done. Thanks for your work, really like it."

Peter G.
Asia Pacific Soccer Schools

"We all really love this Shinn. Once again, you have done a fantastic job in capturing the ICHK story for us."

Claire G.
International College Hong Kong

"Hi Shinn! Everyone absolutely loved your video!! Many thanks again. You rock!"

Valerie P.
Life Solutions

"I just want to tell you the video is really great. Thank you for the great work."

Anna M.
The Arcane Collective

"Thanks again for making everything flow so smoothly!"

Samantha L.
The Hong Kong & Shanghai Hotels Group

"Wow!  You a did great job Shinn!  That's really tough taking all that information, and pulling together a story"

Steve G.
The University of Hong Kong

"PERFECT!! Thank You. I’m happy with the two videos. Thanks a lot for your excellent work."

Karina T.


"The quality of the video is really good. Great job."

Steve C.

Life as One


"We are very happy with the video, you have done a great job!"

Nikhil G.

Ovolo Group


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Let's get Started


Tel: +852 6040 5465


FB: Twenty One Visuals

Instagram: @21visuals

Thank you for your enquiry. We will be contacting you shortly to explore how we can best support your project needs.

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